Celine Waldmann: Clothing for people who like to read

Celine Waldmann is inspired by a love of reading and storytelling. Like a favorite book, our pieces are intended to be returned to again and again.

Sustainability is at the heart of our story. We strive to make pieces that will become part of your closet for years to come; pieces that are intended to be mended as they get worn and loved and to be handed down. We focus on ethical production using natural fibers and recycled and vintage textiles. Our pieces are multi-seasonal and celebrate the stories we tell when we get dressed.

Everything we make is produced in small batches and all of our garments are produced in the US.

  • Our knitwear is produced using 100% Italian Merino wool with yarns that are are reviewed by third parties to ensure ecological and social accountability. Each piece is produced on-demand as it is ordered, so please allow 3-9 business days for your sweater to be knit before it is shipped directly from the sweater manufacturer in Brooklyn.
  • We work with a vertically integrated manufacturer in Brooklyn to produce small runs of woven garments using organic cotton. We also produce small runs or one-off pieces using vintage textiles in Seattle. 

We use compostable mailers made of cornstarch and PBAT (a bio-based polymer) and recyclable  Ocea™ garment bags to ship our products. 

We're making every effort to be conscious of the impact that our choices have on the environment and on the people involved at each stage of the production process. 

Thanks for reading and thanks for letting us be part of your story.